A one-off, highly customised ‘coachbuilt’ Rolls-Royce, developed over the course of four years through the brand’s design team working direct with the buyer – and costing a reported £10 million. So what do you make of Sweptail, then?

The reaction (there has been plenty) has been mixed. Some reckon it’s an overly brash, overly extravagant design – after all, it does have a built-in champagne bottle dispenser. Then again, plenty of people reckon it isn’t showy enough – that, for such a hefty price tag, they’d want a one-off to stand further apart from a ‘normal’ Rolls-Royce.

Those contrasting views got us thinking. Now, it’s unlikely you’re rich enough to commission your own one-off new motor – but that doesn’t have to stop you dreaming.

So, our question to you: given £10m or so to spend, what would your one-off commission look like?

There are some rules, of course – the same real-world constraints that Sweptail had:

1: To meet road safety rules, it has to be based on an existing chassis (even £10m won’t buy you your own crash test approval).

2: Any modifications have to meet road safety rules (so no spikes protruding from the bodywork).

Other than that… go wild. Over to you then. What model are you basing your one-off on? What colour are you going for? How heavily are you changing the exterior style? What unusual interior and exterior modifications are you fitting?

Reply below to let us know what your one-off commission would be.

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