A one-off, highly customised ‘coachbuilt’ Rolls-Royce, developed over the course of four years through the brand’s design team working direct with the buyer – and costing a reported £10 million. So what do you make of Sweptail, then?

The reaction (there has been plenty) has been mixed. Some reckon it’s an overly brash, overly extravagant design – after all, it does have a built-in champagne bottle dispenser. Then again, plenty of people reckon it isn’t showy enough – that, for such a hefty price tag, they’d want a one-off to stand further apart from a ‘normal’ Rolls-Royce.

Those contrasting views got us thinking. Now, it’s unlikely you’re rich enough to commission your own one-off new motor – but that doesn’t have to stop you dreaming.

So, our question to you: given £10m or so to spend, what would your one-off commission look like?

There are some rules, of course – the same real-world constraints that Sweptail had:

1: To meet road safety rules, it has to be based on an existing chassis (even £10m won’t buy you your own crash test approval).

2: Any modifications have to meet road safety rules (so no spikes protruding from the bodywork).