So we have the first coalition government since the one with Churchill at the helm that was formed at the beginning of the Second World War.

But Autocar’s main concern is how it will affect motoring over the next five years of what seems to be a fixed five-year parliament.

Early reports say that the new coalition will concentrate on reducing the UK’s horrific overdraft, which sees us borrowing the same amount this year as is raised in income tax by the Treasury.

These reductions will not just be a simple axing of public spending, it will have to be a mix of cuts and tax rises.

From my point of view, I’d say the omens are not too good. Both PM Cameron and deputy PM Clegg push fairly ‘green’ policies, especially in terms of ‘carbon taxes’, something that the Liberal Democrats are especially keen on.

The motorist is a very easy target and there are already ‘fuel escalator’ price hikes in the pipeline, courtesy of the outgoing Government.

That said, our new bosses must be aware that Congestion Charging has been comprehensively kicked out by the voters of the three British cities.

Cameron also recently told a colleague that motorway and road tolls are ruled out for anything but newly built highways.

However, the variable speed limit and hard shoulder running infrastructure current being rolled out onto hundreds of miles of motorway provides ready-made money-raising technology.

A truly liberal Government might have also reigned in the madness of CCTV justice for so-called motoring offences and the ever-more confrontational parking ‘rules’ being dreamt up by local councils. But they’re likely to turn up the heat as cash becomes king.

The bottom line is that the 2010-2014 government is running on empty. It’ll be a miracle if motorists don’t get caught up in the Great Deficit Reduction.