3 May 2014

The new LaFerrari is a staggeringly rapid hypercar that makes devastating use of a battery of advanced technology including a hybrid powertrain.

Is it purely a technical tour de force though, or is it a real driver's car? Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe heads to Ferrari's Fiorano test track to find out.

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29 April 2014
you wait for one, then three come along. Does Ferrari take it over McLaren P1 and Porsche 918? Ferrari sounds the most ferocious of all and offers the best power-to-weight ratio of this super trio.

30 April 2014
I do like how they all have been done in their own way. I think it's a bit hard to compare based on the stats the 3 manufacturers have revealed so far.

Ferrari is the lightest we are led to believe with the highest power and therefore highest power to weight.

Mclaren is porkier than La ferrari, and power to weight is obviously down.

And the Porsche is the heaviest of the three, but does have a beastly total amount of torque compared to other two.

Porsche and Mclaren can be driven in Electric only with Porsche giving a larger range but obviously this comes with a weight penalty. Ferrari haven't bothered with this.

Time will tell who is the out and out top trumps winner.

30 April 2014
Wonder how long it will be before Ford's lawyers will be on the phone after seeing the name F150 on the steering wheel. They already got Ferrari to change the name of an F1 car from a couple of years ago. Also, for such an expensive car that is a really cheap looking interior.

30 April 2014
That isn't quite right is it? The first customers took delivery a couple of months ago... As for comparisons with the P1 and the animosity between the two... the two people I know who bought LaFerraris, (the first took delivery weeks ago) both also have the P1 on order. It wouldn't surprise me if this were the case for a number of owners.

Owenmahamilton - the video really doesn't do the interior justice - it's beautifully made and detailed, sharing a few elements with the 458 but with a very aggressive overall tone and very nice leather work in places. Personally having sat in both I prefer the P1 cabin though. I've not been in a 918 so can't comment but looks great if very typically Porsche.

30 April 2014
Those switches look like they came from some cheap 1980's Fiat, in fact they probably did!

30 April 2014
A real and racey engine with a great sound and modern aerodynamics. The drama needed in any sports car. Porsche went all in tech a la 959 and could not quite make it in all areas. All test drivers complained about the breaking feel when the regenerating kicked in and the car is too heavy. Mclaren kept going with a heavily turbo charged 3.8L engine and aero from the 80:s with a huge wing that rises 3 feet in the air. Not the best combination for a super car in 2014.

30 April 2014
Shocking interior, and seemingly cheaply made. For £1m you expect better. The Porsche and McLaren both ooze quality and precision in every video/article I've seen and you save minimum of £150,000! This is more old school which doesnt seem to fit what Ferrari want to tell the world about it being the height of technology. Also if a test Ford Focus' windscreen wiper kept going off you wouldn't be laughing, it would be noted as a potential build quality issue.

The fact Ferrari will only let reviews at Fiorano stinks a bit if you ask me. Remember Chris Harris got banned from testing Ferraris for suggesting that they modify the test cars reviews have.... hmmmm.

The OTT styling is going to date really badly too.

30 April 2014
Difficult to tell on Quality issues re cabin switches but Who cares when it looks and goes like this.

It has the looks, noise, power and a monster of a V12 with Kers. Sutters looks genuinely blown away by this car. The emotion and theatre just pull at your heart strings.

Our neighbour has a 328gts which I have had the pleasure of piloting a couple of times and the noise and sheer well being a Ferrari delivers is beyond compare. Yes a 328 is an old motor but it still sounds fab.

The Mclaren and Porsche are the Techno drives here, where the Ferrari embraces this plus a good old fashioned normally aspirated V12 with a 9000+ rev limit!!!!

We all have opinions here over which is best and sutters has the true insight having driven all three. However if it was my own hard cash being invested....then it would go to the Prancing Horse.

30 April 2014
Steve I envy you for driving the best cars in this Galaxy, and being, a much, much better driver than myself. Thanks for all these years of hard work, that, surely, pleases many, many people all around the world.

2 May 2014
No matter how fast, how so bum clenching,how gorgeous this Car looks,it's way too fast for Public Roads,and in Britain for sure,finding pristine, Baby Bum smooth Roads makes taking something so good like this car a near impossibility,sad/, i know,but that's the truth,cars like this i think will end up as play things ,track day toys, like i said.........sad.


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