29 April 2014

Here it is. The McLaren P1. The most technologically-advanced road car McLaren has ever built. But those expecting a full digital experience will be dispointed. The McLaren P1 is one of the most entertaining and intoxicating road cars currently available.

Steve Sutcliffe puts the P1 to the test on the road and on the Bahrain International circuit to deliver the most in-depth video review yet.

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Leslie Brook 28 February 2014


I wish you'd "stop voice" over apologizing for talking while you were driving. You just compounded the error by talking over the talking. I'd quite liked to have heard what you were saying - in the car, rather than listen to you apologize for saying it.
Peter Cavellini 17 February 2014

Hooray for the wealthy........eh?,what?

Well, we are always told that tech developed in and on Super/hyper cars filters down to mainstream cars,so,do we the mainstream drivers feel obligated to them for doing the in the field testing of future tech for our humble Ford's,Vauxhalls,Skoda's etc......?(come on! it's raining outside again,give us your opinions).
josen100x 9 February 2014

My money...

...would go on the LaFerrari every time. Even if its performance wasn't as good as the Mclarens. However, I await the day when Steve gets his hands on one and after a good drive is able to provide a comparative description. I think the 918 is a great car but has been left behind by these two.