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Gemballa MIG-U1 gets more power, new interior and aero mods
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14 January 2010

Renowned Porsche tuner Gemballa has turned its attentions to the Ferrari Enzo.

The MIG-U1 is powered by an uprated V12 and features a raft of aerodynamic modifications. Power is lifted from the Enzo's 650bhp to 691bhp.

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Features include a front skirt with a splitter, which Gemballa says generates a further 35kg of downforce. An optional electro-hydraulic adjustment system lifts the front skirt by 45mm to help clear speed humps. There is also a rear flap which lowers itself at 75mph to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The car is 80mm wider up front and 100mm broader at the back as compared to an Enzo.

Special cooling ducts help keep the brakes cool, while the engine breathes through inlets mounted behind the doors and on the roof.

Inside, the car has technology never available in the Enzo, including sat-nav, a DVD changer, iPod connectivity, a seven-inch touch screen and a 950-watt stereo system.

Gemballa only plans to produce 25 MIG-U1s, and has promised potential buyers that each car will slightly different from the others.

James Buckfield

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FriendlyFisherman 14 January 2010

Re: Tuned Ferrari Enzo hits 691bhp

They forgot the most important modification... winter tyres!

REALZEUS 14 January 2010

Re: Tuned Ferrari Enzo hits 691bhp

Ferrari should sue Gemballa for ruining the greatest supercar ever! Damn Germans! (A stereo system in a striped-out, track focused hypercar???)

Jon Hardcastle 14 January 2010

Re: Tuned Ferrari Enzo hits 691bhp

Is this not the sort of car that Max Power should be previewing rather than Autocar? It's a mess!