29 August 2019

The Honda Civic Type R is our reigning hot hatch king. Many have tried to surpass it, and one or two have even set a faster time around the legendary Nordschleife, but none have so far managed to dethrone it as our go-to choice for under £30,000.

But now, Ford is back with an all-new Focus ST to take the fight to Honda. It picks up where the last Focus RS left off, with the 2.3-litre turbocharged engine sending 276bhp through the front wheels. Is that going to be enough to defeat the 316bhp Civic?

Join Matt Prior and Mauro Calo as they take the two hottest hatches of the moment to Llandow circuit in Wales to find out which is fastest and, crucially, which is more fun.


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29 August 2019
Not even 1/2 a second in it, I do love the Honda for its ability though and wings aside I like the shape of the civic and it's engine is immense.

What I'd like to know is where the i30 N comes in, as Matt has stated that he really rates the N in standard/lower power spec so it's be interesting to see if it's as much fun even if not quite as quick.

29 August 2019

Not much in it....on a track, on the Road, would it be more?, and it depends on your taste, the Civic with its big figure hugging Seats crazy dash layout, or the Focus which looks like your usin Pauli owns it.

29 August 2019

Now you suggest driving on the public road in this way?. Did you run to the toilet when brains were being distributed?. What is an "usin"?.

30 August 2019

 I thought you’d be bright enough to work it out takeit slowly!!

29 August 2019

Fairly equal where the more purposeful Honda should have presented a larger gap and on the road the Focus will attract less attention while the torque of that 2.3 engine will make life so much easier. I think the Honda met its match money no object.

30 August 2019

Would like to know what mode the focus was in when the lap time was set

6 September 2019

Honda definitvely faster - lap times prove as much, Ford considered more fun. That being said, the share effectiveness of the Honda, after all it's share stability neutrality of it's handling means -- it can do fast on a road in pretty darned high degree of safety, nobody with half-a-mind wouldn't call that fun.

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