23 July 2017

Land Rover says that the new Range Rover Velar is the best driver's car it has ever made. It's a sensational looking beast, slightly less rugged than full-fat Range Rovers, but still has four-wheel drive and Land Rover 's Terrain Response control.

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Peter Cavellini 24 July 2017

Who needs one.......!?

Well, it may be a good Car,quite,moderate off Road ability, there words not mine,but, why do we need it?, it's like buy a pair of Shoes, got to be the right size and width, but that's it , nothing else,and it's expensive the base model nobody will buy because the next one up IS the base model starting £12,000 above the er base model,no, I think this Car was created to make money not fill a need.

scrap 24 July 2017

It's a rebodied F Pace so it

It's a rebodied F Pace so it was certainly created to make money. But I don't begrudge JLR that - they need to show a return on investment.

Simplicity is key 26 July 2017

Luxury product/ lifestyle.

It's a luxury product and any luxury product is just that... A luxury. People choose to spend their money however they see fit and if the product resonates with the customer that creates desire for what ever reason. We could all drive round in old cars. We don't need new ones but most people desire them again for whatever reason. In other luxury or premium markets you can ask the same question. Why do woman buy high heel shoes? And multiple pairs? They can't be comfortable, they can't be good for you, so why? It's desire, it's luxury, it fulfils peoples personal desires therefore it fulfils a need. As it turns out the new Range Rover is a bloody good car to drive. I've driven one and I'm a bit surprised by Autocars timid affection. Must be all the haters out there bullying autocar.

steve-p 24 July 2017

Seems expensive

For me anyway, as I'm not remotely interested in diesels of any configuration, or four cylinder petrol engines. By the time you get to the V6 petrol price, there's some strong competition. I agree a hybrid or plugin hybrid would be a good addition to the range, but I suspect it would be poor value. The relentless move to more and more expensive products with new models being stuck into perceived gaps in the portfolio that seem pretty thin seems to be working for JLR (so far), so what do I know?

scrap 23 July 2017

No doubt Mr Cropley was cross

No doubt Mr Cropley was cross when he saw this wonderful motor car has received fewer than 5 stars. Design and ambience aside, JLR's heartland drivetrains just don't deliver the numbers. A petrol hybrid Velar would be nice - but would doubtless be 200kg heavier, which would be no good at all.