18 February 2021

The Jaguar I-Pace is a pioneering EV premium SUV that points the way to the brand’s all-electric future. As sharp to drive as it is to look at, it’s one of our favourite electric cars. Yet amazingly it’s three years old now, so Jag has treated it to a mid-life facelift.

To find out whether these updates are enough for the Jag to remain top of the class, we pitch it against two new rivals from equally established brands - the Audi E-tron Sportback 55 quattro and Mercedes-Benz EQC 400.

There are some new charging modes and updated infotainment, but under the skin the I-Pace remains largely the same, which means it gets two electric motors that deliver 396bhp, a 0-62mph sprint of 4.8 seconds and a claimed range of 292 miles. Prices start at £65,195, but here we test the £69,795 SE with few optional extras.

Audi’s E-tron is available as both a sensible SUV and a sleeker coupe-inspired Sportback, as tested here. You can get behind the wheel for £69,850, but our more powerful 402bhp 55 S line costs a hefty £79,185. Fitted with a large 95kWh battery it promises 241 miles between charges and a 5.7 seconds dash from standstill to 62mph.

Completing our trio of battery-powered SUVs is the Mercedes EQC 400, which starts at £65,720, but weighs in at £74,610 in the AMG Line Premium Plus tested here. It packs the same 402bhp from its two motors as the Audi, but a lower kerb weight means a just 5.1 seconds is needed for the 0-62mph dash, while you can squeeze a claimed 255 miles out of a single charge.

All three of our talented contenders are proof that EVs should be taken seriously, but is the Jaguar still the cream of the crop? Watch our video as we reveal the winner.


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dracer 18 February 2021
Good overall review but flawed. How can the Merc be a winner with 169miles on a full charge. Even if I Pace chomped through perceived quicker it did have a starting range of 240+. Ok I admit I could be biased as I was one of the first to own an I Pace in the UK, real range in Winter 220miles...I know I have over 20k miles on the clock now over 3 winters. I recently did a 215mile round trip on a heavy raining day on mostly dual carriageways and motorways and got back with 5%. Mine is on 20inch and HSE. Another fact you can have the regen on your default home screen like I do so its 1 press always all the time as well as other features like the sound effect, basically everything is customisable to be 1 press away, mine is old infotainment and is laggy. I wouldnt be surprised if Merc is quieter on the move, my ICE Merc 350cdi (diesel) and BMW (petrol) 640i if cruising at steady speed I would say they are quieter too and marginally better built inside.
Overdrive 18 February 2021

I wish motoring magazines would stop referring to the I-Pace as an SUV. It isn't! It's a slightly raised hatchback, noticeably lower than other SUVs in its class.

We have two at my work (as company cars) and I found the car's ride was pretty bumpy and rear space surprisingly cramped for a such large vehicle. Three adults sitting across the rear bench would be very uncomfortable even in short journeys. The dash is nicely built though, with good materials. All in all, I think it's a tad overrated in reviews.

dracer 18 February 2021
Agree it's a crossover. I Pace is over 20cm shorter and almost 30cm lower than the other two but yet space is on par with them. So that's an engineering achievement too.