20 June 2014

Normally the 552bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S is one of the fastest cars around a tight handling course. Today, though, it's up against some stiff competition in the form of a Formula 4 car. Can the Porsche hold off the racer? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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20 June 2014
At that price the formula 4 car looks a heck of a lot cheaper than the Formula Ford Ecoboost that was touted around to show off the ecoboost engine, and a fair bit cheaper than some more focused track stuff like Radicals and Westfields too, never mind the gorgeous BAC mono, sounds like real fun.

9 July 2014
If the Turbo S did a 1.19 what would a 991 GT3 do?

20 June 2014
it would be interesting to see the bac mono / caterham / atom and its ilk go against the formula x cars.

20 June 2014
Steve's videos just get worse and even more pointless IMO. Now Chris Harris is a man who know's how to make a good video and he doesn't get out of breathe doing them.

24 June 2014
I don't think Chris Harris could make a car go as fast as Steve. If your not puffing & panting you're not trying. And who cares how he pronounces that German car, I bet he could lap it faster than anyone posting here. Personally Id like a 2 seat track car & would pick the Radical SR1

20 June 2014
Perhaps if Steve grew a Moustache, on a wet and windy day.

20 June 2014
A completely pointless comparison. By the way Steve, you might like to learn to pronounce the name of the car correctly, not like some oik from Essex. It's Por-sha, not Porsh. Anyone noticed how he can barely see over the 911 steering wheel?

21 June 2014
For someone who is a professional motoring journalist, to mispronounce someone's name is unacceptable. Video was good though.

23 June 2014
Do you say Sit row en, as well as Porsha

21 June 2014
Twice the weight,three times more bhp,as opposed to better brakes,less weight to stop,flatter cornering etc, i could go on,of course the mighty Porsche stood no chance,maybe it shows how far road cars like this one have come........?


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