20 June 2014

Normally the 552bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S is one of the fastest cars around a tight handling course. Today, though, it's up against some stiff competition in the form of a Formula 4 car. Can the Porsche hold off the racer? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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eseaton 22 June 2014

'With paddles which is lovely...'

NO! Paddles are not lovely, they just remove a key skill of driving. Formula 1 cars only have paddles because they are not allowed to have automatic transmissions. Watch racing with a stick. It is better.
Shrub 21 June 2014

Just wondering...

...do people who say 'porsha' also refer to the capital of France as 'Paree'? Even when we know how to say something as it would be said in its home country we often anglicise foreign names. I often say 'Porsh' but I know full well how it is pronounced in Germany. Something to think about, not trying to annoy anyone.
Peter Cavellini 21 June 2014

Ho hum..........

Twice the weight,three times more bhp,as opposed to better brakes,less weight to stop,flatter cornering etc, i could go on,of course the mighty Porsche stood no chance,maybe it shows how far road cars like this one have come........?