20 January 2022

The Porsche Taycan has become our default choice as an EV sports saloon because, above all else, it still drives like a Porsche.

But might that change with the arrival of the BMW i4, particularly in this fast, four-wheel drive M50 specification, which pits the quickest i4 more or less against the lowliest Taycan. 

The BMW i4 M50 makes 536bhp from two electric motors, can go from 0-62mph in 3.9sec and has a 140mph top speed. Its 80.7kWh battery means the range is 259-324 miles and it has a maximum charging speed of 200kW. With a liftback hatch, it's also arguably more practical than the Porsche. The BMW i4 M50 costs £63,905.

This base Porsche Taycan (with Performance Battery Plus) is our favourite variant of our favourite EV. Rear-drive only it has 375bhp (469bhp on overboost) and 484lb ft of torque. 

It's slower accelerating than the BMW. The Taycan can go from 0-62mph in 5.4sec but with a two-speed transmission has a higher top speed, 143mph. Its 87.3kWh battery gives it a range of up to 301 miles and it can be charged at up to 270kW. The Taycan costs £76,899 with the Performance Battery Plus.

Which is better? Join Matt Saunders and Matt Prior as they find out.

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Bimfan 21 January 2022

There is still quite a big price difference between a £63k i4M50 and the £76k Taycan, and remember the BMW is the more practical choice with a potentially longer range, even though it is probably built on the 'wrong' type of platform for an EV.

Also the i4 in normal 40 version gives very little away in straight line performance to this Taycan and is £10k cheaper again.

Neither car is a 'looker' in my opinion, but the Posche is wider and lower which can cause problems in itself on our roads.

So, yes the Porsche handles more like a sports car, but for everyday use, I reckon the i4 is overall the better and cheaper choice.

Boris9119 20 January 2022

BMW M division has really lost its way since the 80's. There was a time when the M3 and M5 were the benchmark. No surprise the Taycan is favoured in this review, and not by a small margin either.