7 February 2013

The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster promises 217mph with the roof down. Steve Sutcliffe finds out if there's more to the latest drop-top Lambo than thundering straight line thrills

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J13Dog 16 February 2013

Great Review

Nice to have a review where the music does not drown out the car.

This review let the car be heard and didn't spoil the review itself.

Please more of this type of review for great sounding cars.

david RS 12 February 2013

And one thing : ban the

And one thing : ban the turbos !


Law007 18 February 2013

What turbo's

What turbo's

Law007 7 February 2013

Trying to hard

I love Lambo's but the Countach, Diablo and Murcielago all started clean but wild looking and got more tacky looking as they developed and got older. The Aventador has skipped the clean but still wild looking phase and gone straight for the tacky trying to hard to look wild look and I really dont like it at all. I also have issue with the wing which when raised shows a big slab of un finished body work under it which looks cheap. It may sound amazing and go like the clappers but its all looking a bit old now and yes I will use the word again...tacky.