20 November 2019

The Ford Ranger Raptor is one of our favourite off-roaders of the moment. We'd say pick-up, but it's not much of a double-cab pick-up these days, because the sturdy leaf springs have been chucked out at the back and the whole chassis redesigned, with coil springs and Fox Motorsport dampers, to create a Baja-style rally car. It's ace.

Appropriately, then, we have a Bowler Bulldog, a real-life cross-country rally car to test alongside it. The Bulldog is the product of a small British company with a huge heart and a huge amount of off-road racing experience. This particular Bulldog packs a Range Rover V8 engine making in excess of 540bhp. And with a side-exit exhaust, it is well worth hearing.

Join Matt Prior in Wales as we test the Raptor and the Bulldog in as close to their natural habitat as we can. Plus a bit of time in unnatural habitats, with the Bulldog on a race track. Can an off-roader also be a sports car? Stay tuned.


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Einarbb 7 December 2019

Off roading test ...

... but not off roading thrown in. Just bit of easy cruice down some gravel roads. Could have done that in any standard kitted Volkswagen or Ford econocar.

5cylinderT 26 November 2019

the ranger raptor is a

the ranger raptor is a stupidly priced and definitly over price ugly bject it should have the F-150's v6 and the F-150 should have the GT500 engine.

5cylinderT 26 November 2019

the second over price is

the second over price is meant to be underpowered becuae 210 hp in a 'performance' pickup doesnt sound all that fast to me.

roy_g_biv 23 November 2019

Bowler handling

In the right hands Bowlers will handle OK on tarmac - one of Autocars other videos . . .

do a search on "youtube bowler caterham"