26 November 2018

The Alpine A110 is a brilliant small sports coupe. It costs around £50,000 in the UK and has wonderfully engaging rear-drive handling.

The BMW M2 Competition is also a brilliant small sports coupe. It costs around £50,000 in the UK and, well, you can tell where this is going, can't you?

We take both the A110 and the M2 Competition to some of our favourite roads to test them back-to-back, decide which is best, and whether you really should put your money into one of these rather than a Porsche 718 Cayman.


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26 November 2018

You'd use your BMW more of the time, while you couldn't really utilize the Alpine as your only car, as the BMW I suspect has more refinement and larger and more practical interior. Yet still is able to drive head to head with an Alpine if driver encounters one on the road. In short, I'd reckon the BMW more of a GT - Alpine a sport car, not really quite in the same market.

26 November 2018

you are so right


26 November 2018

if a front engine car like the M2 has any handling benefits over a good mid engine one. Especially with regard to stability, predicability and adjustability on challenging roads and conditions. As usual it seems we wont be getting any writing on such things. j

26 November 2018

Curious video, never quite seems to get into the issue and then it’s decision time. 

26 November 2018

I've never condiered the M2 a direct rival of the Alpine or the Caman for that matter. The Alpine and the Cayman are purpose built sports cars from conception and ground up. They are much smaller and weigh far less than the M2.

The M2 is the coupe version of a hatch. As a resutl, it weighs considerably more and is a far larger vechicle, the upside of which is that it is a proper 4-seater with far more boot space and practicaility than the other two, which are strictly 2-seaters. What's amazing is that the M2, despite weight and size disadavantages (which hamper agility and responsiveness) is still good enough to really push these amazing purpose-built sports cars, as a divers' car.


27 November 2018

Where I could see the differences in differences in suspension ... Ok they were speaking at different times but I could see in the drivers movement m2 has far more rebound transmitted to the driver. On roads like that its jarring. Alpine has far better i.e less movement. Not saying the m2 has is bad but imho German cars often have say too much rebound not enough damping or breathing.

27 November 2018

Ive yet to see a road test comparrison between the A110 & the Lotus Elise, why is that ? 

27 November 2018

One of them always breaks down!

27 November 2018

Neither will break down, but the Renault, given stats, will be actually less likely to throw a fault.

27 November 2018

..Lotus spent more on Journo freebies then they'd be in the review, and win.

If you're going to have a summer fun car you may as well have one you can take the roof off, oh and have a reliable Japanese engine for good measure to


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