26 November 2018

The Alpine A110 is a brilliant small sports coupe. It costs around £50,000 in the UK and has wonderfully engaging rear-drive handling.

The BMW M2 Competition is also a brilliant small sports coupe. It costs around £50,000 in the UK and, well, you can tell where this is going, can't you?

We take both the A110 and the M2 Competition to some of our favourite roads to test them back-to-back, decide which is best, and whether you really should put your money into one of these rather than a Porsche 718 Cayman.


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Winstonmer 15 March 2019


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xxxx 27 November 2018


..Lotus spent more on Journo freebies then they'd be in the review, and win.

If you're going to have a summer fun car you may as well have one you can take the roof off, oh and have a reliable Japanese engine for good measure to

John Fox 27 November 2018

Neither will break down, but

Neither will break down, but the Renault, given stats, will be actually less likely to throw a fault.