24 September 2019

The new Porsche Taycan is Porsche's first all-electric vehicle. It comes in Turbo or Turbo S forms, although, kinda obviously, neither has a turbocharger.

Turbo is a sub-brand that means a Porsche that's chuffing fast: and the Taycan, especially in Turbo S form like we've tested it here, is chuffing fast. On overboost the Taycan makes 751bhp and hits 60mph from rest in 2.6 seconds.

It's an expensive sedan, at nearly £140,000 in Turbo S form. And that can make it a slightly different proposition to other electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, let alone the Jaguar I-Pace or Audi E-Tron, but as Matt Prior discovers, not only is the Taycan incredibly fast, it's quite possibly the best electric car in the world.


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lambo58 26 September 2019

I also think its a pretty car

I also think its a pretty car but not as much as some others seem to think.

I am more interested to see what comes out from Tesla next year as the performance wars heat up.

This car should be better in some ways than the model S but the S is now coming up 8 years old, so it should be better, but it still doesnt hit the performance of the Ludicrous model or the range and like I said there is a refresh next year that Musk has called Plaid.

Then I will be more convinced.

Then theres the Roadster 2...

Ravon 25 September 2019

Where are all the chargers ?

Matt said ( I think ) that there are plenty of chargers around ? I'm always looking, but I seldom see any, plenty and ever increasing numbers of Tesla Superchargers in the most unexpected places. No doubt whatsoever that this is the best electric car in the world, but without Mr.Musk's non-mainstream car industry thinking, massively investing in infrastructure the Taycan is all but useless for anything more than local running, as most of the population live in built up areas the performance is pretty useless too, just a talking point really. As a car to use for work the less ritzy Tesla runs rings around this beautiful creation. BTW, I did try to order a Taycan a year ago from Porsche Guildford, I was seen by a spotty faced little boy in a suit several sizes too small for him and told that Porsche were not taking advanced orders, but they would be back to me in due course, sadly he was too busy to take my contact details . One day Porsche will pay a very dear price for the way they treat customers in the UK.

Takeitslowly 30 September 2019

Hmmm...perhaps Matt meant

Hmmm...perhaps Matt meant plenty of chargers...throughout the country as a whole...rather than plenty of chargers around the immediate area that you happened to be standing.


BTW...cos we are all extremely intersted in your failed car buying exploits...that spotty faced little boy (doubt that), saw you for what you are and decided to spend time with real, financially unembarrassed customers, instead of someone (you) who fancied wasting his earning time and walking out with (some hope) an expensive brochure to read while you wait in the bus stop queue.


You incorrectly describe yourself as a "customer" of Porsche...nope, you went into the showroom and were promptly ejected...that doesn't count, sadly...