25 March 2020

It's finally here. The new 2020 Land Rover Defender has arrived, replacing a car that could trace its roots back to the very 1948 birth of Land Rover.

Land Rover doesn't like to call the Defender an SUV - insisting it is a true 4x4 - but the new car can be had in either short-wheelbase 90 or long-wheelbase 110 form, as tested here.

It comes in a variety of forms. We've driven the 2.0 diesel D240, a 237bhp diesel with a 0-60mph time of 8.7seconds and a top speed of 117mph. Then there's the P400, a V6 petrol engine with a 0-60mph time of 5.8sec and a 119mph top speed.

Prices, in the UK, start at around £45,000, but it's possible to spec a Defender up to six figures. The cars you see here (driven before the Coronavirus outbreak took hold internationally), were pretty heftily specced, at around £65k for the D240 and £80k+ for the P400.

When it goes on sale, the Land Rover Defender will face competition from all kinds of vehicles, from the Jeep Wrangler to the Ford Ranger Raptor to the Toyota Land Cruiser and more. Here's what it's like, driven over vast distances albeit all off-road...


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25 March 2020
Dead on arrival...

25 March 2020

OK it's not a true working vehicle. And it's not as pure an off roader as, say, a Wrangler. But it is a massively capable full size SUV. For farmers or those driving to their cabin in the mountains it offers much more practicality than a G class, will probably have great road manners and is clearly very good in the rough stuff.

Land Rover's product strategy may be a bit confused but this is a very desirable car in my view, with a fairly unique niche in the market. Well done JLR, I wish you every success.

26 March 2020

Given the price point of the P400 in particular, I would be interested in a comparison with the Range Rover... If I had £80k to play with and wanted something relaxing on road but capable off road I can't imagine buying the Defender.

27 March 2020

Hate to be a pedant (not really) and it's not like Matt to get his facts wrong yet he says twice that the P400 is a V6 - it's not it's a straight 6. Feel better now I've got that off my chest :-) 

27 March 2020

Who in their right mind would take a vehicle from the most unreliable brand sold in the UK offroad?

12 April 2020

This is so late to the party that it's obsolete already. How can anyone justify a vehicle like this which will struggle to achieve 25mpg, Landrover what a massive waste of time and effort, you could have produced something far more relevant, such a shame.

13 April 2020

I really like this car, it's very good

12 May 2020

Really Good Info and Video review!

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