18 April 2019

There's a new Range Rover Evoque, don'cha know. Here it is, on the road and ripe for testing against its two key rivals in the smallish, very premium, 4x4/SUV/crossover market.

First among them is the Volvo XC40, 2018's Car of the Year and a compact premium SUV that we like a great deal. Then there's the Audi Q3, a car that has been around for a while but one that is no less popular for that.

Diesel engines still make a great deal of sense in cars like this, which can be used for towing but just as often for covering big motorway distances and the (very occasional) light off-roading. So that's the engines we're testing.

Look on, then, to find who makes the best luxurious small 4x4 - is it Audi, Land Rover or Volvo?


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18 April 2019

JLR bias, its too heavy, its based on a Ford X from 1974, it will break down, I had once that broke down all the time, it can't be better than Audi/BMW/Merc. Seriously I like the Volvo perhaps smaller petrol engine but MP is one of the new out there that I trust for recomendations.

18 April 2019

Don't be so ridiculous.  Unless you were having a laugh.


19 April 2019

Excellent video.

18 April 2019

Gosh, I've felt Audi underwhelming for many years.  Most of their cars are bland and unexciting.  Volvo is a fabulous effort, but with styling cues of the old Rover 25 facelift, particularly at the back, and also the 'oversized airvents coupled with undersized buttons' look inside, I think I would possibly choose the Audi over it.  Ive driven the new Evoque - just for curiousity sake - in early March and upon returning to the dealership, I parked in next to an old one.  There literally is no comparison.  I never really liked the original Evoque: noisy, uncomfortable, shoddy interior parts, fussy styling, and not especially nice to drive.  The Mark 2 is a different world. The leap in Evoque 2's talents in comparison to the original is more - and I significantly more - than from Disco's 2 to 3.  It is THAT different.

18 April 2019

MP was full of praise for the XC40 last year, so well done JLR.

18 April 2019

That the mk1 Evoque/Freelander 2 and the mk1 XC60 were considered rivals, as they were built on Fords EUCD platform, however the new Evoque built on a heavily revised version of that platform is now classed as an XC40 rival and not a Mk2 XC60 rival..  


18 April 2019
Because the Evoque couldn't better the XC60 and Autocar can't allow that outcome.

18 April 2019

What a stupid, clearly uneducated answer.  Of course the Evoque 2 and XC40 compete in similar markets, as they are similar sized cars:

Volvo XC40 length: 4,425mmEvoque 2 length: 4,371mm

This group test is actually very nicely chosen, as the cars are pretty closely competeing.



19 April 2019
Uneducated, what do regard as educated? I wasn't referring to the cars being direct competitors in term of size, price or customer, it was more aimed at Autocar's sometimes bizarre bias toward JLR's often, but not always inferior products.

So what's educated to you?

23 April 2019

Because the XC40 didn't exist when the Mk1 Evoque was launched


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