The V90 T6 Recharge represents Volvo at its very best, even if – as a posh plug-in hybrid - it doesn’t exactly rewrite the formula.

Rivals make comparable and occasionally superior claims when it comes to electric range and CO2 emissions, and most offer similar levels of performance while promising similarly alluring levels of premium quality and finish. Yet the V90 remains an eminently appealing option in a sector that is now considerably more populous than it was only a few years ago, and a conscious effort on Volvo’s part to play to its core strengths plays a decisive role here.

Hardly revolutionary, but exceptionally appealing nonetheless

The V90 doesn’t try to be the most dynamic, engaging car in its class. Instead, it counts suave design, a heightened focus on safety, exceptional rolling refinement, impressive practicality and impeccable roundedness as its star attributes.

If it tried to take on the likes of BMW or Jaguar, the V90 might well be a more immediately exciting product – but at a cost. Not only would it sacrifice the effortless grace with which it would undoubtedly slot into your life, but it wouldn’t feel quite as earnest a product either. And it would be all the worse for it.

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