New V70 is the best yet, but not with this 2.5 petrol turbo engine.

What is it?

The entry-level version of Britain’s best-selling premium estate. The V70 SE undercuts the A6 Avant 2.0T FSI SE by £500 and comes well equipped in comparison. Don’t expect standard leather at this price, though; it’s a £1200 option.

What’s it like?

No queries over the V70’s cred as the ultimate family load lugger. Increased rear legroom and cabin width make it an even better people carrier than before. The 2.5T engine is a work-a-day motive unit with no frills and pretensions. Better to ride the wave of mid-range torque than rev it to the redline, though. The SE makes do with conventional dampers, rather than the active Four-C chassis, and the ride is restless.

Should I buy one?

Hard to make a case for it, really, because the 2.4D is only £500 more expensive, yet offers 13mpg more, 50g/km less CO2 and is more relaxing to drive. Company car drivers will be mad to tax themselves for the limited pleasure of the 2.5T engine, and private buyers won’t fancy the poorer economy. Another nail in the coffin of the petrol engine, I fear.


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