Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

There are obvious factors to consider before spending upwards of £70,000 on a rare-groove saloon imported from the other side of the world, whose like has been little known to many Vauxhall retailers and which, you have to assume, will only become tougher to find support for now that the VXR8 has been discontinued.

If you’ve owned Vauxhall-badged HSVs, you’ll know the route to happier ownership of cars like these – and our experience suggests that it’s no tougher than acquainting yourself with the right Vauxhall dealer.

Time your inputs badly and the GTS-R makes you pay. But get in tune with the car and I suspect it’s as quick as anything in the class on its day

VXR8s haven’t held their value brilliantly well over the years, but this ultra-limited, last-of-the-breed edition ought to hold up rather better; and better, probably, than the premium-branded machinery you might otherwise splash your cash on.

If you must, you’ll find that the car’s well capable of topping 27mpg on a touring run.