From £64,074
Although not much changed since the last model, the '06 Amazon remains a likeable, more affordable alternative to a Range Rover, but not quite as good.

What’s new? Not a lot. The (three-bar) grille’s different, front and rear light clusters have been restyled and the Toyota badges are a bit more prominent. An auto-dimming rear mirror’s now standard, and there’s an optional new ICE system with twin-screen DVD for £2,200. Otherwise it’s the same as before, although prices are up by around £500. What’s it like? Enormous, and pretty good with it. It’s a relaxed car, the diesel’s not that quiet but makes a pleasingly powerful rumble. The ride’s compliant, steering’s only a bit vague but stability is good and it’s comfy over long distances. Interior quality’s high; particularly pretty are the ice-blue dial needles, but the wood trim’s naff and it’s no Range Rover inside. Then, it is a few grand cheaper, and it’s well equipped. Should I buy one? If you’re after an unpretentious big off-roader, then yeah, sure. A Range Rover’s better overall, but the Amazon’s still thoroughly likeable.

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