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Tesla is accustomed to making hugely ambitious pronouncements – and the industry has learnt to listen.

Yet its assertion that the Model X is the quickest and most capable SUV yet can be dismissed as hyperbole.

High-rise EV strains under SUV brief but still feels like a history-maker

We haven’t tested the speediest version available, but no amount of extra power will correct its handling deficiency versus a Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover Sport SVR.

And Tesla would do well to understand that the word ‘capable’ has an especially broad meaning in this segment: there are no superchargers in the wilderness that its rivals are better equipped to explore.

However, it is necessary once again – even with qualifications – to acknowledge that there is nothing else quite like the Model X.

Much like the Model S, its greatest asset is mixing spaciousness, refinement, impressive infotainment and forward-looking tech with a respectable all-electric range and agreeably guilt-free pace.

Add to that the apparently innate desirability that the segment already provokes in buyers and the Model X’s impact on Tesla’s sales is likely to be sizeable.