The pity of the Celerio’s earlier braking troubles is that we knew there was a decent car waiting to be given a positive verdict. Now that the braking is sorted, it’s a pleasure to deliver it.

The little Suzuki is a pleasing car to drive, cheap to buy and decent to sit in, and it sips fuel prudently. Against its rivals, the Celerio’s overall position is hard to call, because these things do depend on your priorities.

Practical, cheap to buy, inexpensive to run and fun, the Celerio is our kind of city car

The Volkswagen Up is difficult to unseat at the top of the class because it mixes so many things well, not least style and a sense that it’s a joy to be around, but any other position from then on is up for grabs.

A Hyundai i10 counters with a classier interior and a Fiat Panda with some neat, fun touches, while the Ford Ka+ offers the fun factor and the practicality than the Celerio prides itself on.

However, in many ways the Celerio is the equal of both, and more pleasing to drive than either.