The Skoda Superb is on its way to becoming one of the very best family cars in the world.

This is no longer a stretched, slightly awkward-looking, cheap family holdall. It’s now hugely spacious in several dimensions, quietly handsome and modern-feeling, and as well endowed with cabin technology as almost anything on the market. It’s still outstanding value, too.

Now the act to follow. In most areas that matter, the complete large family car

Greater experience with making big estates will allow Skoda, we’d imagine, to improve the Superb even further by perfecting its standard equipment level and flexibility of its folding seats.

But it needn’t worry about the harder yards – about making the car refined, muscular, spacious or hard-wearing enough to fit easily into family life – because on those fronts the car is already great.

Great enough, in fact, to top our chart for full-size, volume-branded estate cars. If you want lots of space in a mature, pragmatic and well-priced package, look no further.


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