The Skoda Superb iV is a proud moment for Skoda and a promising sign of things to come from its fledgling line-up of electrified cars. And although it shares much of its architecture with the Volkswagen Passat GTE, its ardent commitment to normality and utility over and above any sporting pretence certainly has its merits.

In this context, the powertrain’s lack of character becomes a bit tougher to criticise, and its ability to wrap usable performance and efficiency up in a refined and impressively smooth package is all the more admirable. The same goes for its sensible handling and laid-back ride quality; for the savings in company car tax that it will offer over and above a traditional diesel saloon; and for the fuel savings that it’ll deliver if used properly and charged frequently.

Almost militantly normal, but all the more appealing for it.

So adept is it at tackling the demands of the everyday that you could almost forgive it for the pervading sense of indifference it displays towards the concept of actually being driven. Almost. Ultimately, its character remains just a bit too staid to allow it to rise to the top here. But as a mascot for the pragmatic approach, Skoda has done a fine job indeed.