Of the cooking engines offered by Seat in the Ibiza, the best is the 1.4-litre TSI, 16-valve unit with six-speed manual gearbox. It’s as conventional as they come, with a reasonable power output and torque.

Through a quite demanding test route the Ibiza 1.4 returned 35.8mpg. Better still, on our touring route, consisting mostly of motorways taken at 70mph, it returned 44.1mpg.

The Ecomotive's 80.7mpg claimed average and 92g/km stand out

Unless you have to shop at the budget end of the range, we’d avoid the three-cylinder 1.0 petrol engines, while the 1.0 TSI pushes the purchase price up too high for an Ibiza of such modest performance. 

The 1.4-litre diesel engine will be a popular choice, especially in Ecomotive form – the claimed average mpg matches that of the Polo Bluemotion, while the CO2 figure is low. You’ll not get anywhere in a hurry, though, as a 0-62mph time shy of 14secs proves. The 1.4 also sounds a little agricultural, especially at low speeds.

Tempting as the Ecomotive is to anyone looking to cut their motoring costs, the standard 1.4 diesel is cheaper to buy, almost as fuel efficient, but its emissions do mean you have to pay road tax. It is also the best-selling engine on the estate, providing just enough power to haul the car along when fully laden.

The high-revving 188bhp 1.8 TSI engine is the most successful and enjoyable aspect of the Cupra. Our acceleration figures show that a 0-60mph time of 6.7sec is entirely achievable even with two occupants, but outright speed isn’t its greatest achievement. The 1.8 TSI’s real success is in its usability.


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