This is the 100th Porsche to undergo an Autocar road test since 6 November 1953. It’ll be a few years yet before we reach the equivalent milestone for electric cars, and we have never before awarded any EV a five-star recommendation.

But never before have we tested an electric car that packages its battery so cleverly or carries that mass so invisibly. The Taycan is quite wide for a Porsche sports car and it is certainly heavy, but it performs, rides, handles and captivates so well that you simply don’t notice its limitations. Its maker promised “a true Porsche for the age of electromobility” and that’s exactly what it has delivered.

Uncorks the usable electric sports car’s potential like nothing else

It did not promise a track car, a ‘continent crosser’ or something with the hardcore focus of a GT department special, and on that basis, we’re not inclined to punish this car because it isn’t lighter, noisier, more physically involving or capable of going farther between charges. It is everything it was intended to be and more.

When genuinely different cars like this come along, we must judge them on their merits, and whether judged as an electric car, a £140,000 sports car or just a Porsche, the Taycan simply does things nothing else can.

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