Our test Cayman S returned 24.7mpg overall and 29.1mpg on our touring route. That's against Porsche's claimed figures of 29.7mpg for the manual and 30.1mpg for PDK-equipped models.

The standard Cayman clocks in at 30.1mpg and 31.0mpg for the manual and PDK respectively.

All Caymans hold their value well

PDK models reduce CO2 emissions slightly for both models, but it makes little difference to private motorists, because all models are in tax band K. The DI engines have improved things here, with all current Caymans apart from the R snicking under the 225g/km watershed.

All Caymans hold their value well, although the buying public tends to regard it, unfairly, as second-best to the still bigger-selling 911.

An entry-level 2.9 is under £40,000, but it remains hard to see why it still costs more than a Boxster, given the latter's more expensive roof construction.


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