The fact that the new 911 GT3 RS gets the full five stars, despite being neither the fastest-accelerating car of its kind nor the quickest around our handling circuit, says everything you need to know about the true brilliance of its fluent, poised, gregarious and multi-faceted track handling.

In this respect, the GT3 RS is truly outstanding and deserves our categorical praise. The powertrain, meanwhile, is good enough to be the equal of that stellar chassis. It’s capable of engaging in complex interactions and conversations with the chassis as well as pinning you back into those gorgeous bucket seats and frazzling your senses with its texture and virtuosity.

Sublime dynamic credentials on track and usable with it. Incredible value, too.

The RS also has the best paddle-shift transmission we’ve come across in a performance car. This car is an irresistible ownership proposition and, with a few allowances, it’s entirely usable on UK roads.

We can think of nothing more that it is reasonable to expect of a specialised, track-focused car, and no better or more expertly judged example of the breed right now. Weissach has done it again.