The Polestar 1 is a fascinating departure point for its maker. So much about it is refreshing, not least the socially responsible, understated positioning, which seems exactly what the luxury car market needs right now.

For an owner, the car’s chief asset is likely to be its rounded, adaptable character. It’s also the very car for those who have ever said they would have a plug-in hybrid but for the breed-typical 30-mile electric range. Here you can have twice that and more, if only you can pay for it – which, if you hadn’t noticed, is a pretty big if.

More interesting than great, but a promising start for Polestar

Some will expect more conventional driver appeal. The 1’s driving experience certainly leaves room to ponder if it could have been lighter still. Didn’t it need a more exotic engine? And isn’t it the kind of car whose driver appeal should intensify the faster you go?

The truth is, the 1 is never better than when simply being used in entirely everyday terms. Some would say that’s exactly how a modern grand tourer should be, especially such an elegant, restrained one with Scandinavian connections. Others – us included – will be left with a feeling of ‘if only’.

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