Peugeot has really honed this special edition of its coupé to deliver a thoroughly entertaining sports car

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Peugeot RCZ R

Peugeot's hot RCZ looks to sock it to Audi's TT and its peers

15 November 2013

What is it?

Peugeot must be confident in the new RCZ R's ability to take the fight to rivals as compelling as the Porsche Cayman and Volkswagen Scirocco R, otherwise it wouldn't have stuck a £31,995 price tag on the car. So what do you get for your money with this new pumped-up version of Peugeot's TT, and is it worth it or not?

Beneath the bonnet sits a heavily reworked version of the 1.6 turbo that powers the regular RCZ, but in this case it produces an eye-watering 266bhp at 6000rpm and 243lb ft of torque at 1900rpm. That's sufficient to send the 1355kg R to 62mph in 5.9sec and to a top speed limited to 155mph. So initially, at least, the news is good; in a straight line the RCZ R can hold its head high beside the competition, even if its engine would appear to have been tuned to within a whisker of bursting point for a road application.

Chassis-wise the specification appears similarly convincing. The suspension is fundamentally unchanged but the springs are stiffer, the dampers of a higher specification, the anti-roll bars beefier and, best of all, there's a new Torsen differential at the front to ensure that most, if not all of those 266 horses don't go galloping off down the road unchecked.

The R also rides 10mm lower than normal and has wider tracks front and rear, more aggressive camber settings at the front and bigger brake discs at both ends. And alongside various new aerodynamic enhancements and a matt-black roof, visually it is distinguished from lesser RCZ's thanks to its chromed sports exhaust pipes, and by four bespoke new colours; black, red, white and grey.

What's it like?

Surprisingly tidy. And we didn't expect to be writing that.

You notice the improvements to the chassis, and to the engine, pretty much from the moment you start to move. The steering has a meaty directness to it that's simply not there in the regular version, and the performance is genuinely strong considering there are but 1.6 litres humming away beneath the bonnet. And yet the ride, certainly on the fairly smooth roads of southern France that we tried the car on, is still acceptably comfortable. Despite the numerous suspension upgrades, this is still a decently refined car.

But the biggest surprise is that it's also properly engaging on the move. The acceleration is strong, the exhaust note suitably fruity, the gear change clean and precise. The body control is also taut and precise, and the Torsen diff works particularly well at generating traction while producing no more than a whiff of torque steer.

We're not talking about Cayman levels of interaction between man and machine here, but neither are we talking about a car that is beige dynamically, either. There is both fun and speed to be found at the wheel of the well equipped RCZ R, and yet for some reason i didn't expect expect to find much of either.

Should I buy one?

Peugeot says it hopes to sell around 300 RCZ Rs during the next 12 months, which will account for approximately 10 per cent of total RCZ sales. But it also says it has the flexibility to build more if the demand is there. 

On this albeit fairly brief evidence, experienced on smoother roads than we have back in the UK, they might well need to crack open the corporate toolbox and make one or two more. Genuinely, the RCZ R is that much better than we thought it might be.

Peugeot RCZ R

Price £31,995; 0-62mph 5.9sec; Top speed 155mph (limited); Economy 44.8 (combined); CO2 145g/km; Kerb weight 1355kg; Engine 4 cyls, 1598cc, turbo, petrol; Installation Front, transverse, FWD; Power 266bhp at 6000rpm; Torque 243lb ft at 1900rpm; Gearbox 6-speed manual

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15 November 2013
I think Peugeot deserve praise for combining something with style that goes too. It wont brake the bank too when it comes to service I expect, so hope to see some of these around so congrats to Peugeot for what looks like a winner.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

15 November 2013
I think it looks decent and seemingly drives decent too. The issue is £32k for a peugeot, when you can get a year old Audi TT with similar performance for the same price.

15 November 2013
Would be a gorgeous car if it was a little bit shorter, its only 12cm longer than a TT but in the flesh it just seems so much more… bulkier

15 November 2013
Good call bobbyanderson. I really like this car, I think it looks great (that colour especially) and in this model, goes pretty hard as well. Rear spoiler looks a bit naff though. Looks like a piece of 2x4 sprayed red. Have seen a few on the road and even though it's marketed as a small coupe, to my eyes at least, it does look surprisingly big.

15 November 2013
I d buy s Golf R for that money .I owned a 200bhp RCZ up until September when I swapped for new Golf Gti - OK RCZ turns heads but is way off the mark with quality when you start digging deeper The RCZ was a great car but the VW Golf GTi and new R are a step up both in quality and dynamically

15 November 2013
If an owner makes much use of the performance, how long before the head-gasket calls time?


I'm a disillusioned former Citroëniste.

15 November 2013
Responding to the comment "The issue is £32k for a peugeot, when you can get a year old Audi TT with similar performance for the same price. " -The fact that it is NOT an Audi TT is a strong enough reason to buy one in my opinion! However, this engine gives enough problems in lower states of tune, so I don't hold out much hope of it being reliable in this application!

15 November 2013
[quote=jammy_rex]Responding to the comment "The issue is £32k for a peugeot, when you can get a year old Audi TT with similar performance for the same price. " -The fact that it is NOT an Audi TT is a strong enough reason to buy one in my opinion! However, this engine gives enough problems in lower states of tune, so I don't hold out much hope of it being reliable in this application![/quote] Each to their own. I'm no TT lover myself but I'd take a year old one over an RCZR for roughly the same price. I suspect most people would probablly do the same unless they just wanted to be different.

15 November 2013
That engine needs to go in the 208.

15 November 2013
The RCZ is one of a small handful of cars that manages to look unique and be genuinely desirable. I know some people will say it looks like it ripped of the Audi TT, and yes i agree it has been strongly influenced by the TT, but it's proportions and it's double bubble windscreen make it look unlike anything else. It's the sort of car Batman would drive if his Bat mobile was being serviced. I would wait a year or two and buy a used one for cheaper than list price and laugh hysterically at the Golfs and TTs i was leaving behind at the lights. An excellent effort from Peugeot.


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