There is much to like in the 308, such as an interior whose appearance and material finish is the equal of all in the class, and vastly improved dynamics over its predecessor, to the point that in one or two areas the Peugeot is vying for the class lead.

If refinement and a quality cabin are your priorities, the 308 puts forward as strong a case as any car in the sector.

The Peugeot 308 is an admirable, likeable effort. It's worthy of mention among the class best.

The gap to its rivals has been reduced neatly by the advances made in build quality, comfort, refinement and all-round appearance.

However, it isn’t all sweetness and light. Some familiar Peugeot niggles remain (there are some ergonomic foibles and filling the glovebox with fuses is unhelpful), which are coupled to less than generous rear legroom and inconsistent steering that hampers otherwise tidy dynamics.

Those things are significant enough to prevent the Peugeot 308 from challenging for the outright lead, but it joins its class appealingly close to the sharp end, but short of the Ford Focus, Seat Leon and the venerable Volkswagen Golf.