Fitness for purpose: that’s the key to the Nissan Note achieving a four-star rating here because, largely, this isn’t a car for enthusiasts.

Don’t misunderstand us – we like a hugely practical supermini as much as the next person. But, when it comes to cars, we can’t see any reason why space can’t be teamed with a little verve and imagination and dynamism.

Not quite up to disrupting the top three but very creditable

That’s why the Ford Fiesta is our favourite supermini and why this new Note largely picks up where the previous version left off.

It may look more like a conventional supermini from the outside, but it’s the same spacious and darned useful car on the inside.

It’s one that we might not recommend to people who are passionate about cars, like you or us, but it is also a car that is very easy to suggest for anyone who has more objective needs.