On-board technology is set to play a big part in the appeal of the Nismo brand, and the Juke Nismo is highly equipped as a result.

Juke Nismo owners will eventually be able to connect their iPads via Bluetooth, mount them as auxiliary screens and call up extra instrument readouts and social media functionality via the impending Nismo app.

Curiously, an alarm system is available but it isn't standard

Other equipment includes the standard Nissan Connect sat-nav, a reversing camera and heated front seats. For some reason, an alarm is a dealer-fit option. It shouldn’t be.

The car is fairly well priced compared with the rest of the Juke range, but not so much relative to some of its more conventional hot hatchback and crossover opposition.

Some of the premium is forgivable given the equipment you get, but not all. Residuals could be a sticking point, too; our sources suggest they won’t be as sound as many may hope.

On the plus side, the Juke's economy and emissions are reasonable, which helps to keep running costs down, while low repair costs and good reliability should further minimise your expenditure.


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