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Revised suspension makes this the best 370Z out there

What is it?

A nod to Nissan’s success in global GT racing, and a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the ‘Z’ in the UK – the Nissan 370Z GT Edition. There’s always been lots to like about the Nissan 370Z but it hasn’t been without criticisms, particularly when it comes to road noise and ride comfort. Thanks to revised suspension settings this GT Edition goes a long way to solving the latter, even if you’ll still be enjoying the constant dirge of tyre noise more often that the rather subdued exhaust note from the eager 323bhp 3.7-litre V6.

As well as the chassis tweaks, the GT Edition also gets the obligatory side decals, special colours and a comprehensive spec list.

What’s it like?

More substantially improved than the fairly minor-sounding tweaks would suggest. The revised damper forces have improved road holding and stability without compromising the purity of the handling. It’s most noticeable at higher speeds, when the standard Zed regularly skips across rutted tarmac and sets off the ESP, the GT Edition remains more composed, comfortable and rewarding. It’s just as nimble and willing to turn in, but now it’s noticeably more confidence-inspiring and liveable.

There have been no changes to the rest of the Zed’s running gear, but the style touches add a touch of glamour to what was already a desirable and well-sorted package.

Should I buy one?

Small though the alterations are, they make the GT Edition the best 370Z by a decent margin. Yes, at £35k for the manual version tested here (an auto is available) it’s also the most expensive and it starts to push the idea of the Nissan as a budget sports coupe. But whilst the GT Edition may be £2550 more than the standard GT Pack model it does include the £1550 full sat-nav system as well as the re-tuned suspension that the GT Pack lacks. We’d say it’s a premium that’s easily justified.

Nissan 370Z GT Edition

Price: £35,000; Top speed: 155mph; 0-62mph: 5.3sec; Economy: n/a Co2: 248g/km; Kerbweight: 1496kg; Engine type: 3696cc, V6, petrol; Power 323bhp at 7000rpm; Torque: 268lb ft at 5200rpm; Gearbox: 6spd manual


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6 June 2011

I've been running a std 370Z GT for about a year now and love it, it could do with a little more mechanical refinement from the engine and drivetrain and a nicer exhaust note, but for what the car gives you in terms of spec and driving enjoyment there's nothing to touch it.

I like the looks of the GT Edition, but get the feeling the retuned suspension may become a standard feature on newer models shortly anyway.

6 June 2011

A car, for some reason, that has completely dropped off my radar. I would guess that Nissan had also found this to be the case with quite a few people, hence the need for a special ed.

I, like Orangewheels, figure that these mods will be carried across to a revised model in exactly the same way as they did with the 350Z GT4.

What ever way, it is still a very desirable car.

6 June 2011

Didn't you see the used article last week TegTypeR?

6 June 2011

thats alright, you can buy a nissan 350z from £6k on autotrader. I'm not sure why the residuals have plummeted on what is quite a desirable car. maybe insurance is a nightmare. i have to go now, my monkey needs me.

6 June 2011

[quote kcrally]you can buy a nissan 350z from £6k on autotrader. I'm not sure why the residuals have plummeted on what is quite a desirable car. maybe insurance is a nightmare.[/quote]

Early cars suffered a lot of competition from grey imports from Japan - look for the square number plates on the back. Insurance on a 370Z is group 19, so not cheap, and fuel consumption like any other car with this size engine is early 20's mpg.

6 June 2011

[quote Peter Cavellini]

Didn't you see the used article last week TegTypeR?


Nope, still on the thunder box floor to be read.

6 June 2011

Make sure you use the Cushelle/Andrex!

6 June 2011

I always wanted a 350Z and was looking forward to the 370Z... But when I get my new car it will be a Megane 250 cup... Sorry Nissan love the GTR to death but the 370Z just does not appeal to me these days! Give me my 250 cup any day...

11 June 2011

[quote Orangewheels] look for the square number plates on the back.[/quote] There are lots of them about. It's amazing what a difference the square plate makes to the looks, I find the imports really ugly from behind. Reminds me of the dog taking a poo analogy Clarkson used for the Chrysler Crossfire.

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