To say that Morgan’s latest Plus Four remains an exceptionally niche product sounds like a statement of the obvious. Here is a car that retains so much of the old-school charm and sense of occasion that has historically been key to its appeal but it does so despite being based on an all-new platform and powered by the sort of turbocharged four-cylinder motor you might find in a present-day sports car or hot hatch.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a thoroughly modernised Morgan. That said, while our testers unanimously found it a hugely refreshing and entertaining sports car to pilot, it was slightly disappointing to discover that, in some ways, it still fell a bit short of what we had expected from a machine based on an entirely new architecture. Morgan could have made a slightly more polished, dynamically sophisticated sports car without sacrificing any of the essence that makes its cars so wonderful.

Refreshing and fun in that true Morgan way but lacks a little polish

If it had, there’s every chance the new Plus Four would have moved further up our rankings. But even as it stands, it’s hard to imagine Morgan fans will care one jot – and that’s surely what matters most.

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