From £38,6957

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

With a starting price of £62,995, the Plus Four is in risky territory.

Class-leading sports cars are priced in the same ball park, with the likes of the new six-cylinder Boxster GTS starting at £66,340, while the fantastic Alpine A110 can be had for a whole lot less, at £48,140.

There's huge scope for personalisation here, particularly with paint and upholstery colours. We’d go for optional 15in wire wheels. The sports exhaust is a good call, too

Although most Plus Four customers will be lifelong devotees of the Morgan brand who totally buy into the image and approach to motoring that its cars invite, we’d be remiss not to at least mention the alternatives.

The Morgan’s featherweight construction allowed us to record an impressive average of 44.5mpg, which extended to 54mpg under touring conditions. With its 46-litre petrol tank, this gives a theoretical range of 450 miles.

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