The Morgan Plus 8 offers an entertaining blend of traditional Morgan body and modern chassis

Namesort icon 0-62mph Top speed CO2 MPG Price
1.6 i4 Sigma 4/4 2dr 8.00secs 115mph 143g/km 44.10mpg
2.0 GDI Plus 4 2dr 7.50secs 118mph 164g/km 40.00mpg
3.7 V6 Cyclone Roadster 2dr 5.50secs 140mph 230g/km 27.40mpg
4.8 V8 Plus 8 2dr 4.50secs 155mph 282g/km 23.00mpg
4.8 V8 Plus 8 2dr Auto 4.50secs 155mph 256g/km 26.00mpg