The Mercedes-Benz range is today as strong as it has been for a generation. In virtually every other segment in which it’s represented, a Mercedes model is, at the very least, within a shout of the class lead. And so it proves here with the C-Class coupé.

It is certainly desirable and attractive, with a feelgood interior. The C-Class also genuinely offers something different — in look, feel and driving experience — from its prime Audi and BMW rivals.

A pleasant and desirable everyday coupé. Not as precise as the BMW

Foibles? Only a few. A price north of £30,000 is a lot of money to pay for a car with only 154bhp in its most basic form, and that’s without any options. And you could argue that a coupé — even a Mercedes coupé — ought to be more engaging in spirited driving.

That, however, takes little away from what is yet another strong contender in the Mercedes line-up.

As for the C 63 AMG, as an everyday proposition, it would certainly take some beating. It’s just so unforced, so effortless in the way it goes about its business. And for many, that’s going to count more than anything else.

The Black Series? If you’re contemplating buying a Jaguar XKR-S or an Aston Vantage S instead, just know this: after a handful of corners of any circuit you care to mention, in either British rival, you simply wouldn’t see which way this awesome German went.


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