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Smart coupe majors on refinement not excitement

What is it?

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe is the slightly longer, wider and lower successor to the CLK. It takes many of its styling and interior cues from the latest generation E-Class, notably the angular dashboard, switchboard and trim equipment levels.

The E350 CDI BlueEfficiency is the only diesel available at the E-Class Coupe’s launch. The 3.0-litre unit delivers 228bhp and 398lb ft of torque, while averaging 41.5mpg and emitting 179g/km of CO2.

We’re testing it here with the seven-speed automatic gearbox and in the base SE trim, which includes features such as parking monitors, leather upholstery, heated seats, 17-inch alloys and climate control as standard.

What’s it like?

The E350 CDI BlueEfficiency delivers enjoyable performance, covering the 0-62mph dash in 6.7s and providing plenty of punch in every gear from low down the rev range.

It achieves this without ever becoming overly noisy or gruff, and the car’s sleek aerodynamic shape helps alleviate wind and road noise, too, making the E-Class Coupe’s cabin a supremely refined place to be.

That luxury feel is bolstered by padded front seats that are unique to the coupe and give plenty of support. Progress is only likely to get uncomfortable if you are sat in the back and tall – while leg room is excellent, the sloping roof means anyone over six feet tall will be left crouching down.

And comfort is where the E-Class Coupe scores most highly. Quiet and comfortable, it is a superb motorway cruiser that is perfectly complimented by the auto gearbox.

The only potential downside is a slightly hard ride that could struggle with UK roads. Out on a twisty road the car is dynamically sound if far from being a thrill-a-minute to drive, and it never becomes especially involving. The same can be said for the steering, that is a little too light at times.

Should I buy one?

Maybe. If you are desperate to get an E-Class Coupe, then you won’t be disappointed by the Mercedes E350 CDI BlueEfficiency Coupe SE. However, with the E250 CDI going on sale later this year, we’d recommend waiting if you can.


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While the lower powered engine lacks the punch of this unit, it delivers enough performance to satisfy almost everyone’s everyday driving needs for a lower asking price and considerably lower running costs.

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2 June 2009

A slightly firm ride in an SE spec car? Doesn't sound like how a Mercedes should be. The engine doesn't really seem to live up to its BlueEfficiency name either. 41.5mpg isn't bad, but its hardly spectacular. At least the styling seems a bit more cohesive than the saloon.

The E250 CDI certainly seems to be the pick of the range.

2 June 2009

I'm surprised Merc hasn't made more effort in the handling dept with this car, after their sterling work getting the new C-Class within spitting distance to the 3 Series.

2 June 2009

You mention that the E250 CDI version is the one to go for. Since you have driven both, is there that little difference in smoothness and creaminess between the new 4-cylinder and V6 engines, or is this just purely in terms of value for money? Just curious .....

2 June 2009

E250 CDI convertible plz :-)

2 June 2009

in your photo's the red line is at 6500rpm, is that not a bit high for a diesel, or are you just using stock photo's

3 June 2009

Disappointing to read the ride isn't very good, especially seeing as this is usually Merc's forte. And considering the handling, while competent, isn't that great either ("never becomes especially involving", the report says) Merc seem to have missed the boat on ride/handling balance on this particular model.

3 June 2009

looks like not the first one to be surprised by a firm ride in a big merc! thats only acceptable in amg form!

3 June 2009

[quote stutts]looks like not the first one to be surprised by a firm ride in a big merc! thats only acceptable in amg form![/quote]

And yet no one has a problem with a firm ride on the Audi A5, one of this cars biggest competitiors.

3 June 2009

The 330d SE Highline looks good value in comparison and more efficient / quicker to boot.

Great now there are 3 differnet coupes available but I am struggling on where this MB fits?

If you're after a coupe in this segment and price, then for gorgeous looks and style with a fair amount of driving ability head down the Audi dealership and if you want pure dynamics and performance head down the BM showroom.

Who wants the Merc?

When will we get a proper decent W124 replacement?

3 June 2009

IMHO the advantage of the 350 CDI version over the 250 CDI in the E/E Coupe doesn't lie so much in increased power or six cylinder refinement - the 250 CDI is extremely torquey and aurally perfectly pleasant - as in the seven speed automatic that comes with it, compared with the older five-speeder that comes with the 250. It's not that the five-speeder is all that bad, just that the seven-speeder is brilliant.

On the petrol side, the case for going for the sixes compared with the fours is stronger, as the 250CGI, while fairly peppy, sounds rather dull and ordinary compared with a nice six.


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