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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

Unlike a fair proportion of Mazda’s product range, the CX-7 is not closely related to any Ford. Other than some common parts with the US-market Ford Edge SUV and the Lincoln MKX, the platform is unique. In other words, the CX-7 is not a reworked S-Max/Mondeo chassis and is therefore not related to its Land Rover Freelander rival.

Its MacPherson strut front suspension is instead related to one employed on a Japanese market-only Mazda MPV, and a multi-link arrangement at the rear is similar to the one which features on the Mazda 5 MPV. A series of modifications have been made to tailor the CX-7 to European roads and driving preferences, including tweaks to ESP, the tyres and the steering.

The CX-7 looks like a sporty SUV, and it delivers

The appeal (or otherwise) of the CX-7’s styling is a personal judgement, but in our opinion the design scores a number of triumphs. It camouflages its SUV proportions with flowing lines, particularly the steep-raked A-pillars, while the pronounced front and rear wheel arches make clear reference to the firm’s more sporting models. All in all, the CX-7 looks much crisper and sharper than some of the SUVs in this category.