It’s more cliched to say ‘icon’ is an overused word than it is to use the word itself, but in this case, we say this: the Exige is absolutely an automotive icon, and one with a pedigree very few can match.

Almost 10 years after the third-generation car was launched, and 21 since the recipe was originally concocted, this flyweight British sports car continues to delight with its agility, finesse and focus. Three pedals, no turbos and very little weight: what more can semi-serious track-day goers ask for when the recipe is put together with such sensitivity and expertise?

Fitting finale for the Exige that beguiles on road and thrills on track

This Sport 390 Final Edition is particularly sweet, not least because it trades ultimate pace for more handling adjustability than many a hardcore Exige has offered in the past and, at £64,000, it is keenly priced.

Equally, while we’re sad to see the Exige go, there is compelling competition these days. An Ariel Atom 4 delivers an even more beguiling sense of connection and you might say Porsche better knows how to nail the sweet spot between usability and circuit aptitude. We now await the Emira, because if that car can take plenty of inspiration from the Exige but package it in a way that’s easier to live with, it could be sensational.