From £61,4209
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Exige has always been aimed at a small niche of potential owners, and in recent years they’ve had plenty to tempt them elsewhere.

In 2021, the model is sandwiched between the more expensive 718 Cayman GT4 and, built very much in the same spirit as the Lotus, the A110. Both rivals are more usable than the Exige but also fantastically good fun on track. You might also consider the M2 CS, which feels appreciably serious for an M2 and ups the usability factor further still, although the raised centre of gravity and higher kerb weight do differentiate it from the others in dynamic terms.

Exige performs slightly better than rivals from Porsche and Alpine for first two years, and then falls behind them.

Making life harder still for the Exige is the imminent arrival of the Emira. Built on a similar chassis, it should tout much of the Exige’s charm, only without many of the drawbacks.

Three things stand in the favour of the Sport 390. First, it is intoxicating to drive in a manner that arguably none of the above cars quite matches. Second, at £64,000, it’s reasonably priced, given the hardware involved and the single-minded expertise applied during its development. Third, the classic status of the Exige is all but assured. We will never see its like again, so these cars are only likely to be more sought after in the years ahead.

Quite simply, you’re unlikely to regret buying one.