In terms of star rating, the Range Rover Sport SVR’s final tally provoked a lot of discussion in the office.

It says much that the car was widely admired yet not roundly loved. For some, the flagrant thirst, weight, expense and comfort-limiting excess smack too obviously of needlessness. A diesel V8 is, after all, plenty quick enough.

Huge pace and space with 4x4 capability. The SVR is rich, poised, exciting and charming

However, ultimately, that position suggests a predisposed aversion to the concept of supercar-fast SUVs in general, and that is a question of taste, not quality. Admirers of the niche – and they are numerous – deserve an unclouded verdict that recognises the outstanding prospect among many.

That car, for our money (and all our stars), is the Range Rover Sport SVR. No rival better mixes handling prowess, off-road talent and an SUV sense of functional plushness. But more importantly, none comes close to capturing the perfect savagery and lewd sense of fun it keeps so amply on tap.

It will not appeal to everyone, but if your two tonnes must come thus, there really is nothing else like it.