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Land Rover’s positioning of this car leaves room for it to be considered by two distinct types of buyer: the Range Rover Sport regular who simply wants the best, most powerful and most exclusive example of the breed, and the performance SUV buyer migrating from BMW M division, Mercedes-AMG or Porsche offerings.

The car is sufficiently attainable on price and dynamically broad-batted enough to appeal to both sets. While the 18.8mpg our True MPG testers recorded from the car is sobering, it’s unlikely to bother those performance SUV fans. It may give the first group something to think about, but at least the standard Range Rover Sport’s 105-litre fuel tank makes for a reasonable cruising range.

Vicky Parrott

Deputy reviews editor
While 18.8mpg may give you something to think about, at least the SVR's 105-litre fuel tank makes for a reasonable cruising range.

Benefit-in-kind tax at 37 percent makes the SVR a vanishingly unlikely fleet option, meanwhile, as much as that matters. Of greater concern to private owners may be our residual value forecast, which makes this the fastest-depreciating Range Rover Sport that you can buy.

Our sources don't expect early demand to make for great residuals, with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo depreciating less over the first four years. It was always likely to be the case, and some other – but not all – high-performance SUVs will cost you more on that front.

A five-year service plan - reasonable at £699 - will be a dependable way to ensure ease of sale, while 22in wheels should pay back a big chunk of their £2400. But 'personalised illuminated treadplates' with your name on could end up costing you rather more than their £766.

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