The Jaguar F-Type remains at heart a simple prospect designed for those who want a sports car to look and sound great, to go fast and to offer accessible driver thrills. It now succeeds in those respects better than ever.

And while seven years ago, the comparison may have felt fresher, it remains valid today: there is no better example of what a modern-day TVR might have been than a Jaguar F-Type with a snorting V8 engine. Except that the range-topping F-Type has more appeal as a daily driver than any British sports car built in Blackpool ever had.

The same likeable bruiser behind those prettier features

Those who like to go in search of really distinguishing dynamic poise and immersive on-the-limit handling from their two-seaters will continue to find greater hidden depths in one or two other parts of the sports car niche. Although what the Jaguar is selling on those scores isn’t to be sniffed at, it hasn’t quite got the delicacy of a Lotus or Porsche; and we suspect it may even be more enjoyable with a touch less power and half as many driven wheels.

As it is, however, the F-Type R certainly isn’t short on fun factor; and we’re very glad that Jaguar has seen fit to let it grow old at least a little bit disgracefully

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