Even though it is, for now, the range-topping and most expensive F-Type going, the V8 R version is in a pretty strong position on bang-for-the-buck value. Porsche 911s at the same price point have considerably less firepower; and if you want a Mercedes-AMG GT with anything like as much grunt – or a mid-engined, all-wheel-drive Audi R8 – it’ll cost you at least £30,000 more.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the value scale, four-cylinder F-Type models will be well placed to be compared with equivalent Porsche 718s and Alpine A110s, once a typical Jaguar dealer discount is accounted for. For on-board technological sophistication, some might point out, the F-Type would make a more convincing rival to the cheaper, simpler options mentioned above; but for material richness and luxury feel, the F-Type R could certainly be considered a cut-price, four-wheel drive alternative to a more expensive super-sports car.

We’ve yet to try one, but gut instinct says the rear-driven P450 ought to be the new F-Type sweet spot. Have a coupé in R Dynamic trim and Atacama Orange ‘SVO’ paint (£4500). Gorgeous

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