Contrary to expectations, the F-Pace SVR is a lesson in the art of compromise. That a car so rich in character and performance should go about its business with this level of comfort and versatility makes it unique in this neck of the market and proves that the best performance SUVs embrace their core attributes rather than attempting to obscure or overcome them. This Jaguar is neither as quick nor as agile or exhilarating as some rivals, and perhaps a sliver more dynamism wouldn’t have gone amiss, but more often than not you’d take its smooth-riding composure and stability over sharper-handling but less well-mannered alternatives. The fact that this potent, bombastic V8 doesn’t need always dominate the driving experience only demonstrates just how rounded the F-Pace SVR package is. 

The Jaguar does just enough, then, to be our new pick of the super-SUV crop, despite the fact its attractive interior can’t quite match German rivals for technology and material quality. Jaguar seems to know what prospective owners want in their luxury, everyday-use performance car, and here it is executed almost to perfection.

Broad-batted and can vividly thrill but hasn’t forgotten its SUV roots.