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Agile and nicely finished but not cheap or spacious

What is it?

This is the Infiniti EX37, which the car maker expects to be the biggest seller, and the first model we have been able to test on British roads. With all-wheel drive and quasi-SUV looks, it is partly a rival for BMW’s X3 and Audi’s Q5, but it sits lower to the ground and has a more sloped roofline.

Infiniti says it is a car for buyers who have outgrown a coupe but aren’t ready for a full SUV. That’s a nice line but also a convenient excuse for the less than spacious rear packaging.

What’s it like?

There’s plenty of equipment and, on the GT version tested here, particularly plush-looking leather. The grade of leather is one of many things Infiniti has changed from the US version. Others include the engine (now 3.7 litres), automatic gearbox (seven speeds instead of five) and suspension settings.

With 316bhp, the straight-line performance of the EX is brisk and the conventional automatic works well, but the biggest surprise is how it corners. The steering is quick, accurate and nicely weighted, and the EX responds to inputs keenly and consistently. To achieve this nimbleness, the EX has a fairly firm set-up, but it rarely feels harsh.

Should I buy one?

Whether the brand will wear a price comparable with that of an equivalently powered Audi or BMW is for buyers to decide. But having driven the EX37 in the UK, it certainly justifies scrutiny for those looking for a break from the norm.

Jamie Corstorphine

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tali 13 October 2009

Re: Infiniti EX37 GT

The Infinti will go the way of Murano -it just ain't going to sell - unless there is a pent up demand for a cheaper Lexus SC430 alternative...........

fuzzybear 12 October 2009

Re: Infiniti EX37 GT

Steak Bake wrote:
1. The economic climate is not favouring 3.7 L cars at present and I do believe if they had their time again that this launch would be delayed

I think that ship has been and gone- if they really wanted to catch whatever small window of opportunity, in terms of prestige and sales on large engined luxury SUV's, maybe they should have penciled in 2002/3 as the year to move into the uk market.

The well-to-do mums who would be driving these things ,usually want to be ahead of the curve in terms of fads ,not behind and to feel smug or at least comfortable that they know whats best- just a natural darwinian trait of someone who percieves themselves to be high status and has a brood to look after. I truely believe alot of this demographic will choose eco credentials if image is what theyre after. They usually dont want to be perceived as part of the problem or sneered at by their chattering classes counterparts.They also dont want to be at the petrol station twice a week.

Infiniti make good cars- they should concentrate on saloons, coupes and convertibles and then perhaps fine tune their engine range to fit in with our car tax system. I still think Luxo eco branding would have set Infiniti off to a very good start here instead of a wimper, but they dont have the product for that. Its taken Lexus a while to shake off their donkey jacket scrap dealer owner image- yet Infiniti want to muddy their own brand image to a big slice of the buying public in this country by selling gas guzzling suv halo cars

Having said all that, I personally like the look of the even bigger FX50 SUV with the V8, but I wouldn't buy one due to the sheer width of it and the tight country lanes where I live makes places Id want to go stressful or no-go areas in it.

Steak Bake 12 October 2009

Re: Infiniti EX37 GT

Some interesting points here by many contributors but I think one main point is missing -


I believe that in the first 3 years at least the answer is not many

Reasons are as follows

1. The economic climate is not favouring 3.7 L cars at present and I do believe if they had their time again that this launch would be delayed

2. Coverage - 12 dealers and some of them at least 2 years away answers that one

3. They will be able to charge full price selling on rarity and hence protecting residuals

4. I firmly believe they dont want to!

Finally if you check their history - they are only a couple of months younger than Lexus, you will see that they consider themselves a BMW chaser rather than Lexus - these comparisons are only made because of the Japanese link

They will sell in small numbers and be happy with that - dont forget that they do outsell Audi in North America