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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Predictably, the most notable facet of the Veloster’s interior is the way its rear is accessed. While it may form a conspicuous part of the car’s unusual profile, the single rear side door turns out to be as tight as a loft hatch when it comes to the business of actually climbing through it.

The Hyundai's heavily tapered tail also means the door is bizarrely shaped. A fourth passenger will require protracted stooping and crouching. It’s worth noting that while the extra door is likely to frustrate adults, it might offer a worthy solution for parents juggling the logistical obligations of young children with a continued hankering for coupés.

The Veloster's interior won't leave you wanting, especially when it comes to kit

Taller occupants might find their heads nestled in unsettling proximity to the radically slanted rear screen, but otherwise the Veloster feels quite roomy for a compact coupé. The cabin is comfortable and good looking, too, especially up front.

Shipshape interior design has become a trait of Hyundai’s recent product line-up, and the Veloster continues in that vein. Particularly well chosen trim materials and a mildly funky sense of layout mean that everything is presented with an attractive, modernistic neatness that belies the model’s affordability.

The effect is topped off by a seven-inch multimedia touchscreen. The unit is flanked by an indulgent amount of standard kit, including rear parking sensors, steering wheel-mounted controls, climate control and Bluetooth.

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