Rarely do you see such a broad spread of individual section scores in an Autocar road test as the Kona Electric has attracted. The car’s powertrain is a revelation, partly for its potency and partly for how finely you can control it – but mostly for the unrivalled cruise range it offers.

For an EV priced like this, 200 miles of genuine and usable range would have been class-leading (for the record, we’d wager it’s exactly what Hyundai’s cheaper Kona Electric should offer). But 300 miles (more, at times) should make this a credible ownership proposition for many who have overlooked electric cars thus far.

A new EV hero for usability and value, but not quite a class champion

How frustrating it is, then, that it falls notably short of the handling sophistication, practicality and perceived quality we’ve a right to expect in any £30,000 car.

If the Kona is the only EV at once in your price bracket and likely to meet your transport needs, it may well be in a league of one; and its weaknesses might therefore seem unimportant. We don’t have such freedom to overlook them, though, and must conclude that the market’s most usable, affordable EV isn’t quite its best.